Quick Tip Tuesdays TEENAGE SKIN How Do I Start a Skincare Routine?

Episode Notes

Skin care advice on the go!  Take this fun QUIZ to tell us more about your skin.

Take 2 minutes and let Cara give you solutions to problems and tell you how to start a lifetime of good habits now!  

What if you could have the great skin your favorite celebrities have.  

It is no accident that @Jlo looks 20 at 50, @beyonce is AGELESS and @kristenanniebell looks younger than you.  

They all have one thing in common: they started proper skincare routines early. Great skin rarely happens by accident, great skin starts when you're young.

Keep what you have; you're a teenager, you have beautiful skin.

Start now, you avoid damage.

Start a real routine to keep your fresh teenage skin just like that for a long time.  

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